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Pronounced  "Gio-ta-ku" , gyotaku is Japanese for fish rubbings( Yoshio Hiyama- Gyotaku  The Art and Technique of the Japanese Fish Print).  Professor Hiyama surmises that the first fish rubbing or impression was created by the late Mr. Seijin Murakami when he noticed a fish he caught left an impression on a white paper bag after receiving a coating of some dye that was also in the bag. Other history indicates that by the early 1900's Japanese fishermen used the methods to record the size and species of the fish they caught. Everyone that practices this art today has read a different story of the art's origin.

To this day the Japanese Fishing Club of Seattle practices the art on occasion for their catch of the day in Elliott Bay.

The technique I use to create my original fish rubbings is called the direct method. Soon after catching my fish I apply acrylic paints( non-toxic), then lay rice paper or muslin fabric over the top. The rubbing happens by smoothing the material over the fish. The material is then carefully removed revealing the fish in print. I then paint in the eye and other minor detail careful to finish my prints similar to photorealism but keeping with traditions of the art. 

What you see on the following pages are a sample of the hundreds completed. Prints that have been sold will usually not be seen here. Please contact me with questions or inquiries of others that may be available or available after completion.

( All Original Prints are matted and framed ready to hang)

Japanese Fish Rubbings

Gig Harbor , Washington

Dennis Moore

Northwest  Gyotaku